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**Quick Energy Tip**


Something like 80% of the energy we carry in our bodies is not our own.

We are influenced directly by the people and environment around us and often pick up others emotions and stresses without even realizing it.

You’ve heard how quick a smile spreads? So does anxiety and stress. It is easy to pick up a thumbprint from anyone you encouter. So sometimes you may be experiencing emotions that have nothing to do with you.

A quick tip to know if it is your own emotions to deal with or someone else’s problem that you can let go: When you feel overwhelmed or emotional, perhaps unable to calm yourself down – take a quiet moment for yourself away from the chaos (may be outside, in your car, in a bathroom, just find a quiet spot for 5 minutes.) Close your eyes and take a deep clearing breath. Say outloud or quietly to yourself:

“All energies that are not mine, leave me now”

You have to really mean this phrase – it is giving a directive to your body and your mind. Think of it like giving an order to someone other than yourself. You may need to say it again with intent and direct the energy on what it is to do. Repeat it and mean it, then believe that it will be carried out just as you ordered.

“All energies that are not mine – leave me NOW”

As you say “leave me now” breathe out releasing all the air within your lungs, feeling as though you are clearing out any unnecessary energy through your mouth and letting it leave your body and environment. Let it go back to where it came from.

You should feel almost instantly better. Light and feathery as if a great weight was lifted. If there is still disappointing feelings, it may be something of your own that you have to deal with, but now you know whether the stress and anxiety you feel is yours to deal with or not. The other tip is to truley let go, if your mind keeps wandering to an issue or something said to you, either face it or let it go.

For more tips on energy management and natural ways to deal with depression and anxiety visit or contact me for creative life coaching.



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