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Moon Magic

Love the moon?


It’s beautiful mystical glow in the night sky calming your soul and enticing your imagination…

The moon has been an inspiration to artists, astronomers, philosophers and writers for centuries. It has been studied, it has been followed. Throughout the ages the moon’s effect has inspired ceremonies and rituals to celebrate and appease the mystical astrological energy she provides. Gardens are planted by the moon, craziness attributed to a full bright shining orb, romance inspired under it’s glow, dreams cast upon it’s presence…it’s beauty and mysteriousness written about in many prose, legends, and fairy tales.

The mysterious glowing orb of the moon has a powerful force on our energy, pulling us into an ebb and flow of personal power and connection to the universe. The tides, rain, plant life and even the life cycles of animals and humans such as reproduction and fertility are all affected by the moon’s cycle and its gravitational pull on the earth.

If you begin to watch the moon and meditate in its presence you will notice its cyclic nature in your life: the way a women’s body mirrors the lunar phases,  the way a garden grows, how our bodies feel each new and full moon and the time in between, how people’s attitudes and intentions ebb and flow – there really is a cycle to it!

If nothing else, it may comfort you with the thought that it all comes and goes in time and everyone you know and every ancestor you have has lived under the same moon that rises and sets every day. All the people on this planet are under the same moon – it is one thing that connects us all. We are all affected by its energy. It flows through each and every one of us, and therefore you are one with all under this moon.

Living by the Moon is a celebration of all that is natural, wild and free. It is embodying one’s own unique nature while living in harmony with the surrounding environment, understanding the natural flow of life and the magic in every moment. You can learn to harness the lunar power and live in harmony with it’s ebb and flow for ultimate balance with nature, releasing your creative and authentic spirit. Living life in an easy, natural flow instead of resistance and uphill battles. Understanding timing is key to ease of life. You can learn to make time and nature your ally – working for you instead of against you.

There are vast resources out there for those interested in learning about incorporating magic into their daily life. Try gardening by the moon, planning moves, household activities, appointments, and obligations around its natural cycle. Integrate power into your desires and intentions – manifesting with ease! Plan healing and major life decisions with help from the universe. You won’t believe how fun and easy it is!

If you’re up for some adventure check out our Moon Magic course   <click here >  a short online course about the phases of the lunar cycle and how it affects us on Earth. It is a journey for those who are interested in living an authentic life; one that is rooted deeply in nature and in the soul. For those who are interested in understanding the natural flow of life and the magic in every moment. A celebration of all that is natural, wild and free! If you are truley a moon lover and desire to embrace your own magic, there is also an invitation to join a community of women (a sacred moon circle) who are on a journey to reclaim their divine goddess nature. Learn, share and grow with kindred wise women. Join us, we need your voice in the pack. click here to learn more…


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