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Forest Bathing


FOREST BATHING – The act of immersing oneself in the energy of a forest or woods!

There are various scientific studies that show the benefits of humans connecting to nature for those of you like to see scientific proof, numbers and research. It is fascinating when humans can study and prove with scientific research what we really already knew all along.

One study that stands out particularly is on Environmental Deficit Disorder and the effects on today’s society. Even altering physical dis-ease (I write it is as dis-sase to express that lack of wellness, any physical ailment or discomfort whether minute or unnamed or chronic is a disease that has cause and effect.) Richard Louv, author of “The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age” explains how human health may be integrally connected to our relationship with the outdoors. As our lives have become immersed in technology and a fearfulness from 24-hour news cycles, it has caused a whole generation (or two) of people that have gone indoors and become disconnected from nature. We have an unexpected exponential rise in ADD and ADHD type symptoms as well as diseases such as dementia and alzheimer’s, coupled with cancers and other chronic illnesses. In his research of various medical studies he finds an undeniable demonstration of reduced symptoms of ADHD and other conditions in children and adults who spend time in natural settings. The benefits of “green exercise” show that people who take their exercise outdoors feel significantly less depressed, less tense, less angry, and less fatigued than those who stick to the treadmill.



Any time spent appreciating the natural world is soothing to the soul and healing for the earth who yearns for our love. Do you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, skiing, swimming in the lakes and rivers? Wonderful! Incorporate a moment of quiet appreciation and it will raise your soul and please your body. Go for a walk just loving nature and all that is.


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