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Calendula for Healing

Calendula is a gentle healing herb. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and astringent actions in the body… all making it ideal for the skin. It’s also thought to help heal wounds faster as it increases the oxygen flow to the wound causing the cells to regenerate more quickly.

Some common uses of Calendula are to treat infected areas on the body like sores and cuts as well as fungal outbreaks like athletes foot or yeast infections. It can also be used on swollen, painful, or inflamed areas of the skin such as eczema, bug bites, and burns. The fact that calendula has an astringent action makes it particularly helpful for many of the above mentioned uses. An astringent causes the surrounding tissues to tighten up or contract which is helpful in drawing things out of those tissues… such as infection, poisons, or foreign objects like splinters.

Calendula is one of those herbs that can be used on anyone regardless of age. It has no known side effects or toxic levels and is therefore well known for children’s and pet remedies as it is gentle yet effective.


A member of the Asteracaea family

Calendula. flowers with leaves isolated on white

Common Names: Calendula, Pot Marigold

Parts Used: Flowers, leaves, stalks

Energetics: warm and dry

Actions: increases circulation

Targets: skin, liver, gallbladder, lymph

Clinical Actions: antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary, alterative

Biochemical Components: volatile oils, flavonoids, titerpenes, mucilage, carotenes, resins

Primary Uses:

  1. Cleanses wounds, reduces inflammation, promotes healing, stimulates circulation

  2. Good for almost any ‘accident’- minor cuts, scrapes, burns, acne, rashes, broken bones, considered a heal-all herb

  3. Also good for fungal infections such as athletes foot and thrush due to it’s anti-microbial properties

  4. Helpful for diaper rash and sore nipples from breast feeding

  5. Can be combined with Vitamin E and rubbed on pregnant bellies to help prevent stretch marks

  6. Considered a cleansing herb, it can help with chronic skin problems such as acne and eczema

  7. Combines well with Plantain because it has similar actions and complimentary energetics

  8. Also helps with mild cases of stagnant liver and is a great detoxifier

  9. Good for leaky gut, can help heal the lesions in the intestine

  10. Specific for congestion of the lymph in the creases of the pelvis

  11. Will help move the lymph through the body, promoting removal of waste and illness

Caution: Do not use calendula oil on wounds that are infected and oozing pus or you could risk sealing in the infection


Calendula is a main ingredient in our Boo Boo Balm, an all natural first-aid healing ointment. Much like Neosporin it will clean, sanitize and promote healing.

Made with plants instead of synthetics and used as an alternative for those sensitive to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Made into an infused oil, we then add aloe and vitamin e to assist the skin with healing. A touch of golden honey helps draw out any infection within the wound and honey assists the body by boosting immune fighting power. Organic beeswax and honey are the only preservatives used, as they are both naturally antimicrobial, meaning no mold can ever grown in it, it can not rot or go bad.

This Boo Boo Balm is packaged to tuck neatly in a pocket, purse, backpack or survival kit and has an extensive shelf life, making it perfect to keep on hand for emergencies. Perfect for children, pets and all of life’s oopsies & owies! Click here to order yours today!


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