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Spice things up with tantilizing cinnamon!

You might consider adding cinnamon to your cooking or baking – especially those valentine treats! It’s so great for the body and soul, it may encourage some sweet and spice in other areas of your life as well. Below is a delicious recipe for Cinnamon, Orange, Clove Syrup. This is actually a great cough syrup that can be used alone to boost the immune system and increase energy. Or use it like a syrup to sweeten your favorite, well anything!Cinnamon “Love Potion” Syrup ~ NOURISH THE BODY, EXCITE THE SOUL! ~

  1. Great on French toast or pancakes

  2. Pour over biscuits, cobblers, ice cream

  3. Stir into tea or sparkling soda

  4. Take by the spoonful

Great for cold season! Helps build the immune system, opens up the respiratory tracts, sinuses and aids in healthy digestion. Also mentally mentally uplifting, assisting with clarity and calming mood swings.

Orange has a wonderful sunshiny scent and taste. It is full of vitamin C and aids on our overall physical health. It assists the immune system as well as the respiratory system and is excellent for sniffles and colds. It targets the Sacral Chakra, which is your body’s place of sensuality and creativity, where we hold boundaries and security and may help release pain from trust, weakness, inability to speak your truth and feeling blocked in life. Orange also encourages the Third Eye Chakra where intuition, connection and magic reign. Orange has also been scientifically proven to help with ADD and manic/depressive episodes. When you begin to feel that upper or downer swing take hold, orange can help stabilize calming the emotions and letting the mind relax. Almost like lifting our of the fog, you suddenly begin to see and feel clearly. It assists us with socialization, loyalty, and joy.

Cinnamon is a sweet and warming spice that opens up the sinuses and respiratory issues. It assists the immune system and aids in digestion, soothing the tummy. When we have a happy tummy we feel comfortable and peaceful enough to be our true, best self. When we feel good we make those around us feel good – we seek to make them feel happy and at home. It also increases blood flow and energy. Cinnamon targets the Root Chakra which is the ground we stand on – our stability, goals, beliefs and structures. Blocks with money, security and safety issues may show up as lower back and leg pain, digestion issues, and an overall feeling of being lost. Cinnamon helps clear that so you feel grounded and stable, assists maintaining a strong body and overall sensuous approach to life.

Honey is our ancestors go-to remedy for almost everything. It is truly a gift from God! Not only does it taste sweet, there is little this natural antibiotic cannot heal. Naturally boosting the immune system, it also acts as an antibiotic and antimicrobial….If you used local honey it will actually reduce many allergy symptoms as it helps you balance to the flowers and plants in your environment. It’s Golden color assists healing the Solar Plexis Charka which is our feeling of “home,” the center of your being – your place of power, security and boundaries and may help release pain from trust, weakness and inability to be yourself. Notice how when you are scared or upset your tummy hurts? It often comes from our gut, who we are, what we believe, mostly -what we live for.

When we feel good we make those around us feel good – we seek to make them feel happy and at home. What a wonderful Valentine’s’s goal!

Cinnamon “Love Potion” Syrup

  1. Cinnamon (ground or sticks)

  2. Cloves

  3. Orange

  4. Jar to store it in

Peel the orange gently so that you have nice curls or small pieces of orange peel. Eat the orange, saving perhaps one or two slices for the syrup. Pour 2-3 cups honey into a small saucepan and gently heat until thinned and warm (do not boil). Add the orange peel, cinnamon and cloves and simmer very gently for 20-30 minutes. This will make your house smell wonderful! When ready, carefully strain honey mixture pouring it slowly into your jar- I find that cheesecloth over the top of the jar works great, or use a tea strainer or coffee filter. Let it sit and cool or use warm. That’s it! Now you can pour it over treats, take by the spoonful or add to your favorite drink. (Hint – stirred into water it makes a natural electrolyte drink for sports and hiking!)


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


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