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Milk & Honey Bath


& Honey

Gift of the Gods! 

Conjures up thoughts of Egyptians, Canaan, the Promised Land…and delicious, soothing bed-time coziness.

Yum! Silky smooth delicious milk and honey…

But wait, a milk and honey bath? What are you the queen? Well, maybe not but these bath melts that create a luxurious bath will make you feel like a queen! Light some candles, put on music to drown out the kiddos, and immerse yourself in a few moments of righteous luxurious glory.  Really you’re gonna love this!

I recently found an ancient apothecary recipe for beautiful skin and altered it just a little for modern day convenience. Made with powdered milk, organic honey and just a touch of coconut oil to hold it together, these bath melts are convenient and easy to use. Oh and they have a great shelf life, not that you’ll leave them hiding in a cupboard! Because of the dried milk you won’t have to worry about expiration or going bad (no, these always smell amazing!) Honey is not only excellent for the skin, moisturizing and healing, it is also antimicrobial meaning bacteria can never grow in it, never become moldy, never rot or go bad. I’ve added a smidge of fractionated coconut oil and vitamin e oil as well, both extremely soothing for skin.


All you have to do is draw a hot bath and drop one or two melts in, swish the water around a little to mix it all in and relax! No mess, no fuss, when you get out of the tub it may be a little slippery just turn on the shower to wash it all down. Sleep like a queen! I swear you’ll feel so good, so rejuvenated after a luxurious milk honey bath!

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