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Oh that sweet honey! Such a decadent sweet treat from the gods! Did you know that it is more than just a sweetener? Honey is such a natural healing element it is just as important in the medicine cabinet as it is in the kitchen.

For centuries honey has been honored and respected for its incredible healing properties. Honey is naturally antiseptic. It is naturally anti microbial, meaning no microbes or mold can grow in it -ever! An immune booster, it acts like a natural antibiotic, contains antiseptic properties and is chocked full of vitamins and minerals. Meaning it is very healing and excellent for nourishing the body. All natural honey from your local area can even help your body adjust to it’s environment decreasing your allergies and sinus irritation by reducing your sensitivity to the pollen and local plant life bringing your body into balance with it’s environment. It’s actually very wonderful for skin as well, as it moisturizes and provides a healthy glow.

If you get a cut or scrape slather some honey on it and you won’t believe how fast it heals. Ingested internally or externally honey can heal almost anything. Use it both ways (on the skin externally and in a food or cuisine treat) for a double punch, healing inside and out. Honey is always wonderful stirred into tea and there are many other ways to incorporate it into your food – try spreading it on whole grain bread or using in place of maple syrup on pancakes and french toast. Use honey in place of sugar to sweeten treats. Or try hot milk and honey – the drink of the gods!

So if you are ever stuck out in nature with an emergency issue, look for honey. It is chocked full of nutrients and vitamins the body needs. A necessity for the medicine cabinet and first aid kit.

Of course having a full first aid kit with you is the best option for survival. Add our Boo Boo Balm, which is made with honey but not nearly as sticky. If you’re worried about bugs and sticky sloppiness this is a great healing ointment made with a specialized blend of herbs to heal and soothe minor skin problems. All natural and organic, the only preservative used is honey so it will never go bad, no matter how many years go by that you are lucky enough to leave it waiting in your emergency kit. Click here for more info and buy yours today! *Survival kits coming soon!

What’s your favorite way to use honey? Have a favorite treat or tip to share? Leave your comment below and let us know your thoughts on nature’s most versatile treat!


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