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Ecotherapy is much more than a walk in the woods. The invitation is to spend a day outdoors with the intention of creating a deeper connection to Nature and in the process increase our sense of well-being. A rewarding connection with nature offers healing, renewal, knowledge, life purpose, and  a spiritual oasis to daily life.

Healing with the Power of Nature!

Ecotherapy teaches us to understanding and fully utilizing the resources of nature to live a natural, healthy, sustainable and authentic lifestyle in harmony with the environment that surrounds us. Understanding natural magic, the earth's vast healing and sustaining powers and universal energy that rules our physical bodies and psyches. Learn how to use the amazing free resources of the earth to go beyond survival, how universal energy effects us all and how to use the natural powers of the earth to thrive in health, wealth and exultation.

The use of the outdoors for well-being is becoming increasingly popular as we discover more and more the benefits of natural medicine, clean forest air and our interaction with our environment. Everyday more studies are released on the benefits ecotherapy has on children, teenagers and adults, relieving stress, decreasing ADD, ADHD and various mental health illnesses and well as helping our bodies fight illness and dis-ease. The ecotherapy I train people to use is leading edge in its use of specific activities that bring people closer to nature and in turn improves their well-being. There is a particular emphasis on mindfulness, sensory awareness and creativity. Nature is incredibly creative and resourceful - why shouldn't you be? 

You will experience the ecotherapy activities I do indoors and out with nature hikes, natural nutrition, meditations and exercises that will nourish the body, soothe the soul and ignite the spirit! There are a variety of resources available on our website. Be sure to visit our blog for resourceful articles and check out our online school for holistic courses and programs. If seeking individualized consultations, coaching or natural healing therapies, click contact us to book an appointment at your convenience.​

We are happy to offer information, resources and healing - and assist with any questions or concerns you might have. If you seek help and would like to reach out for healing Heart of the Forest offers sliding scale options for all services. If requested, we can provide estimated ranges for energy healing sessions, spiritual counseling sessions, meditation assistance, personal wellness, blessings, workshops and events. 

Please don't let uncertainty deter you from scheduling an appointment! 

Click here to send me a message heartoftheforestherbals@gmail.com

I look forward to offering guidance on your journey towards, healing, balance and vitality.


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