Mountain Man Hands Pine Balm
Silky Lavender
Lotion Bars 

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This is just a sampling of the Herbal products we currently have available

More coming soon...thank you for your patience and ecstatic anticipation!

Wildfire Sore Muscle Rub
Boo Boo Balm
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Mountain Man
All-Natural Pine Balm
Sore Muscle Rub
Tranquility Spritz

Natural Body Care

Amazing natural and organic herbal goodies for the wild and free nature lovers!​

Lotions, Scrubs, Massage Oils, Essential Oils, Salves, Balms, Teas, Natural Remedies & More!

You deserve to feel incredible. Amazing. But you also want to know what you're using on your body and in your home is safe, all-natural and comes from a place of natural healing. That's what Heart of the Forest is all about!

All of our natural body care products and herbal remedies are handcrafted to nurture you and your family using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients. ​

Bath Tea
Pampering Herbal
Bath Tea 
Lotion Bars
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Boo Boo Balm
All Natural Antiseptic Healing Ointment
Tranquility Spritz
Calming Body Spray

All of our products are handmade in small batches using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients using local materials whenever possible. 

Each batch is holistically handcrafted with only the highest quality all-natural and organic ingredients. Each product is hand poured and labeled. 

Every ingredient is carefully chosen for it's beneficial properties for your body and crafted to nurture your mind and soul. 
There is NO tallow, lard or other animal fats in any of our products. No SLS, petroleum, parabens or detergents. 

Products are colored using only herbs, spices, flowers, and other plants. No synthetic colors or dyes. No synthetic fragrances, perfumes

or other artificial ingredients.  Customization is available - anything you do not see that you would like, just ask!