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You deserve to feel amazing and take joy in your life. It's simple. I'll treat you to luxury natural style!

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For $29 get pampered each month.
A special treat when you open the mailbox and have
a new natural beauty kit to enjoy. 

That's why I created the Natural Beauty Club

A monthly subscription box of all natural body care handcrafted to nurture you and your family using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients. Each one is prepared lovingly by hand and filled with all natural body care and tips for integrating natural wellness into your everyday lifestyle.

Make life fun again...
Feel beautiful, Be beautiful - Naturally You!
Natural Healing Therapies

It's simple: sign up below. You'll receive you an invoice that can be paid by credit card or paypal. To pick your special gifts (if you have a preference) simply send me an email by the 15th of each month with "order" in the subject line and say "please send me _______." If you don't have a preference, no need to send an email, you will get the monthly special product along with another of our choosing out of the current inventory. (A special surprise!)​

Did I mention there's FREE SHIPPING! $29 a month includes shipping! 

(*Continental United States only, Alaska, Hawaii and International shipping charges may apply)
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All-Natural Body Care

Choose from items such as:

Resources & More!

​We all know that self care is important, but it’s not always easy to remember to take the time for ourselves - our bodies, our spirits. Luckily, this box comes once a month, and therefore it’ll push you to spend a little extra time on yourself once it arrives on your doorstep. Every month will be a surprise as you open your box to see what I've prepared just for you! Rejuvenation, nourishing health and pampering - natural style!

Introducing Natural Beauty Club - ​A monthly subscription box of all natural body care!


Have questions? Contact me and ask away!​​

Your skin care ritual should remind you that you are beautiful and worthy and deserving of all that you are - plus give you a moment to stop and smell the flowers. Your skincare should not make you feel bad; it's not supposed to sting, burn, or smell gross. It shouldn't hurt little bunnies or monkeys or mice. It shouldn't make you feel wrinkly or saggy or inadequate or stop your smile lines or inhibit your eyebrows from moving. It's not supposed to soak your skin full of lead and petroleum and phosphates and formaldehyde. It should feel soft and nourishing and kind. It should smell like the garden and a thousand stars and the full moon. It should be made by bees and butterflies and soil and slow hands. It should be drenched with petals, leaves, roots, and herbs. It should bring you closer to you - even if for just one breath in the morning and one sigh before sleep. A reminder of being an expression of the earth in all her glory.

You deserve to feel incredible. Amazing. But you also want to know what you're using on your body and in your home is safe, all-natural and comes from a place of natural healing.

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Nourish the Body, Soothe the Soul, Ignite the Spirit

You are beautiful! And you deserve the best! 
Treat yourself like a goddess - even if no one else does!!

All of our products are handmade in small batches using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients using local materials whenever possible. Each batch is holistically handcrafted with only the highest quality all-natural and organic ingredients. Each product is hand poured and labeled. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for it's beneficial properties for your body and crafted to nurture your mind and soul. 

  • There is NO tallow, lard or other animal fats in any of our products. 
  • No SLS, petroleum, parabens or detergents. 
  • Products are colored using only herbs, spices, flowers, and other plants. 
  • No synthetic colors or dyes. 
  • No synthetic fragrances, perfumes or other artificial ingredients. 
  • Customization is available - anything you do not see that you would like, just ask!